EHF Whistleblowing Platform

Why an EHF Disclosure Policy?

In a continual effort to both promote and also protect fairness in handball, as well as to ensure the integrity and credibility of the sport, both on and off the playing court, the EHF initiated the creation of a disclosure policy at the Ordinary Congress in Glasgow in June 2018. The purpose of this policy is to provide an opportunity for people to report any potential wrongdoings. This initiative resulted from a motion submitted by the Irish Olympic Handball Association and was supported by the EHF member federations. The EHF is committed to a pro-active policy to ensure that any issues can be identified and dealt with through the correct channels before they cause any potential damage to the sport.

What is the EHF's Disclosure Policy?

It is a simple and clear document adopted by the EHF Executive Committee in September 2018 following consultation with relevant stakeholders. The EHF Disclosure Policy can be downloaded here. 

How can I report a potential wrongdoing?

The EHF realises that any person wanting to make a report should be able to do so with complete anonymity and without any fear that they could be identified. The EHF is also aware that such communication cannot be handled internally to ensure a high level of trust and complete independence in the reporting process. Consequently, any reports can be submitted through an independent platform.

Who will handle my report?

The Initiator of Proceedings will receive and review any report you submit. The Initiator of Proceedings is an independent from any EHF body or commission and will treat any report with impartiality.

The Initiator of Proceedings will be your direct point of contact and will ensure that reporting and any further inquiries remain confidential until further steps are deemed necessary to be undertaken.

To summarise, the Initiator of Proceedings is the only person aware of the content of your report and he/she is responsible for taking the decision as to whether further proceedings should be requested.

Why is there no link to the reporting platform?

We do not provide a link on our website because this could allow for the tracking of individual IP addresses and the potential identification of individuals, which is in contradiction of our commitment to ensuring full anonymity.

Where to report?

Submit your report here:

Simply type it in to your browser or copy/paste it if this is easier. You do not have to provide any personal or contact information if you do not wish to.